Wonder Boy

Directed and produced by

Anissa Bonnefont – Stella Maris Pictures

Production companies

Sultan Films Ltd, Box Fish Productions

Business Affairs

Maud Achard – All Rights

Director of Photography

Thomas Brémond

Edited by

Guerric Catala

Music by

Yindi Da Silva



Olivier Rousteing, a French designer, joined Balmain in 2009, where he quickly made his way up to Artistic Director. After several difficult years, Balmain has once again become one of the most influential names in fashion. Yet Olivier Rousteing is on the brink. Born to anonymous parents, then adopted, he has never made a secret of his desire to find out who his biological parents are, and makes the decision to set out on his search.

Eden Tribal

Written and directed by

Martin Jayet et Mathilde Lefort

Line Producer

Pascal Jayet – Leamar productions (Nouvelle-Calédonie)

Buisness Affairs

Latifa Laaraj – L’Avisée

Director of Photography

Thomas Brémond et Thomas Favel

Edited by

Audrey Maurion

Music by

Fabien Boulier

Eden Tribal documentaire Box Fish Productions Eve Pajot-Brémond



New Caledonia, In the lead up to the country’s independence referendum, a Kanak woman fights to preserve her culture, as well as the future of her tribe, Vieux-Touho. This documentary goes beyond dressing her portrait. It also tells the story of a tribe and its members, as seen through the eyes of her soon-to-be chief: Maggy Thyem. Is this community ready to welcome a woman as head of its tribe? The tribe also tackles social pressure and the ghosts of colonisation. In their fight for a better future, their only way to shape their new geography and solve this ancestral conflict is to deal with both present and past issues

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